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Gmail ( is the free email service of Google. It gives its users email ids as The service is one of the most simple and fast email services on the web, without which most netizens are without an identity.

Gmail provides following key features to its users:

  • More than 2.8 GB of storage space: this means you would never need to delete your old mails and can store them forever on Gmail.
  • POP and SMTP services: this lets you use your favorite email clients like Eudora or Outlook to operate your Google account.
  • No limits to attachments: this lets you send those large size files to your friends
  • Email on mobile: lets you check your mails from your net enabled hand phone.
  • Robust spam protection: those unsolicited emails in dozens are tucked away neatly in a separate folder called "spam".

Gmail keeps adding new features from time to time, the latest one being mail on mobile. This ensures that you are with a modern and improving service for life and need not change your mail ids.

However, one of the major disadvantages of gmail is that you cannot easily open a new account directly from the gmail website. You need a "gmail invite". A gmail invite is a special invitation email sent by an existing gmail members to non gmail members to open a new gmail account. So you might need to ask your friends who are current gmail members to send you that coveted "gmail invite".

Verdit: Gmail email is one of the must have online identities for surfers.


Searchmash ( is one of the cutest search engines on the web. It has a neat user interface (like the most popular Google) with a single results page which can search Web pages, Images, Blogs, Videos and of course the popular internet encyclopedia – Wikipidea. My own searches on Searchmash yielded satisfactory results. The search engine threw out the search results in a jiffy, once again like Google.

Some of the key features are as follows:

  • More results bar: Click the "more results" bar at the bottom of the page (or hit the space bar) to show more results instantly
  • Play videos: You can watch a video by clicking on its thumbnail. Click on the video that's playing to pause it.
  • Search a specific website: Click on the green URL to see results from that website.
  • Just type: You don't have to have your cursor in the search box to start typing your query. Your previous query will be replaced with whatever you type.

The verdict: Searchmash can definitely be considered as a second search engine option.


Google is one of the first website any newbie should visit. It should take out the technology phobia from his mind. It is one of the most simple web application for a user (though its search engine is much more complex).
Just type in your query and voila!! Google presents you the most relevant results. The way Google does it is as follows: The top site is the one which is linked by the most visited site for that particular subject, and so on. Thus, it shows the most relevant results for the search.
To improve your results, try to be more specific. Thus, if you want information on tall buildings, then type "which is the world's tallest building" instead of just "tall buildings".


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